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Zodiacal Gemini (May 21 – June 20) are brilliant, clever and friendly. They always want to know more and learn new things! Bracelet for them? Wooden bracelet with the Gemini Zodiac Sign featuring their own stellar constellation. Find out which natural stone is perfect for you. Choose Turquoise, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli or Malachite.

Kamen : Onyx
Dimezije : 17mm
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Wooden Bracelet with Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Brilliance, cleverness, talkativeness – that’s you! We made something for you: beaded bracelet with your zodiac sign in the form of a stellar constellation. Check how amazing it looks! Wooden Bracelet with the zodiac sign Gemini fit every outfit so you can wear it every day!
Beaded bracelets – for her and for him!

Bracelet with a zodiac sign “Gemini” is a perfect choice as well for a woman as a man! It’s available in 2 sizes, so it fits every wrist. Choose originality: beaded bracelets never go out of the style!

Technical Data:

bracelet material: wooden beads (walnut) strung onto jewelry rubber
natural stone: turquoise, onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli
Pendant maintenance: natural oil



Stone of activity and inner strength.

Assigned properties:

helps face stressful situations

increases control over life

supports physical and intellectual activity

sets free from past and unwanted memories


Lapis Lazuli

Stone of truth, harmony, and inspiration.

Assigned properties:

supports spiritual growth and harmony

develops creativity, stimulates lucidity

comforts and helps see the truth

helps combat negative emotions

Težina 0.058 kg
Dimenzije 19 × 31 × 3 cm



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